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Legal IT provides legal services and IT solutions in innovative ways to corporations and law firms

Whatever your industry, the tools developed by Legal IT provide you the legal protection needy by your legal and Financial operations by forging a strong bond within your legal teams as well as between your company and legal/accounting professionals (lawyers, accountants, notaries and consulting firms).


Legal documents generator hosted in your corporate servers

Legal IT OuiLaw Entreprise provides a contract management tool hosted in your corporate servers that helps create, manage, negotiate, and administer contractual agreements with customers, partners and suppliers. It stands out from the competition by its flexibility, allowing to create, modify not only your legal documents but also their templates, their content and the way to fill and personalize them. OuiLaw ensures the highest degree of legal certainty thanks to constant updated templates and regular notification about the development of case-law as well as how it could impact your actual and future documents. Legal documents can also be electronically signed, thus reducing production costs and saving on off- and on-site archiving costs.
With OuiLaw you can reduce costs, minimize risk, maintain compliance…  in a word, it makes your processes more efficient and effective.


Legal documents generator hosted in a secured cloud environment

With Legal IT OuiLaw SAAS, you have the same features as OuiLaw Entreprise without having to configure and securize your servers. This solution is particularly dedicated to companies without IT service or wanting to have an external cloud database


Web Monitoring and Crisis management tool for protecting your reputation

Legal IT E -reputation tool allows companies, executives and individuals to control and monitor their image on the web, both in search engines and in social networks . You can drive your brand or your product image in real time, communicate with your stakeholders, strengthen your reputation, manage and prevent crisis.