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Legal IT

Law plays a more and more significant role in the daily economic life of companies and individuals. In an ever-changing economy, law requires to carry out regular monitoring to be up to date of all the texts and decisions.

No matter tall is the structure, the monitoring of legislation and case law is complex and particularly time-consuming. Not doing turns in inverse extremely risky, especially with regard to the drafting of legal documents.

Legal IT OuiLaw was born from the observation of the lack of tools used to control the legal validity of SMEs and large companies’ documents.

Solutions already exist for entrepreneurs or small structures, but the level of precision of these solutions concerning the personalization of the documents is really limited, and is generally requiring subsequent rework either by the user himself or by law firm. In addition, the proposed legal documents are mostly dedicated to the structure creation phase and few models to the life of the company, even though they represent most of the documents produced.

Software and applications dedicated to big structures offer the opposite of highly customizable but set no frame almost to the drafting of documents, giving free rein for better or for worse the user. These tools generally consist of clauses directories previously validated and the user can insert as it sees fit within pre-established standard models.

Users of legal documents drafting tools are constantly faced with a dilemma:
• being able to create completely customizable materials but at the expense of legal certainty,
• or, at the opposite, having little flexibility in customization but in the interests of certainty.

From this observation was born Legal IT and its app OuiLaw.

The objective: allowing to combine highly personalized legal documents and security in legal documents drafting.

Bring in the heart of the tool all legal information in plain language and adapted to the user for the best possible choice is fundamental and says that particular care has been taken in updating the OuiLaw tool.



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